Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hello english is not so good,but i try 2 improve it now..cuz i usually speak in my mother touge...please correct me if i wrong..hehe..juz see few of interesting blog lately make me wanna have my own blog..i think we can express our true feeling on our own bloggie rite?..hehe..i would like 2 tell a piece bout me..rite now i'm was 20 years old..not ready 2 be a mature gurl yet..if u know me..u know what i talkin bout..well,rite now i juz want 2 enjoys myself..dun want 2 be a fake long as i can get along well with people,why must must i one ask me 2 change..still remember one of my lecturer said that i'm likeable person..i count that as a i really love myself n what am I..i was a student my major is LangUange of education..Teacher 2 take a lot of affort 2 reach at this point..since i was a kid,people always though that i'm a clever fact in my classes i always be the best student..but yet,i don,t really use my ability so much..i was lack of confident..even in my important exam(SPM) i failed 2 fulfill my wish 2 become a Totally diferrent in my field rite now..i was a sister big sister 4 two younger sister n a little sister 4 my 2 older brother..well i'm in a middle rite..hehe..i think i was the shortest in my my younger sis much higher than me..hehe..i quite talkative..people always laugh at what i'm syaing eventhose i think it not a funny things..i think they laugh at my accent and my voice kinda like a Doreamon..hehe..ok that it 4 now..i will continue later..hard 2 rite in english..sorry 4 the broken english guys..;-)

My Woo_nderFul Angel Is YoU!

Welc0me to my Woonderful Angel!!! LoVe,hoPe n SuppOrt 4 k_pOp world..totatly in diz world rite now..big fAn of k-pop..n my currently n 4ever biassed was 2pm rite nOw..Hope those who love k-pop will love this blog 2...PEaCe